Gas Water Geyser


Electricity cost is rising sharp in South Africa and there are ways to reduce the current and future electricity bills significantly. A geyser can be responsible for anything from 30% to 50% of the normal monthly electricity bill. Eskom has published that an electrical geyser’s electricity usage is about 40% of a normal household’s monthly electricity bill. By installing a gas geyser you can switch off the electrical geysers and pay much less for hot water.
You only use gas when you switch on a tap and when you close the tap you stop using gas (Very economical). Electrical geysers stay on all the time even if you don’t use it just to be ready when you need it (Uneconomical).

The Size of your Geyser

What size Gas Water Geyser do you need?

Not only are the Gas Water Geysers beautiful but you can either get them in white or stainless steel. They have been tested and certified and are fully compliant and approved by the SABS. Kexin geysers are the no 1 selling gas water geysers in South Africa because of its affordable price and quality and start from R1,100.00 for a 6lt geyser. Fact sheet – Kexin

Size Table

ID Flow Lt/min Size Weight Gas Kg/hr Use
1 6lt 57 x 32.5 x 20.5 4.7 1.10 Basin or shower (1 unit at a time) or Domestic Quarters
2 8lt 66 x 39 x 25 7.3 1.49 Basin and shower (Both units at a time)
3 10lt 70.5 x 39 x 25 8.9 1.93 2 basin's and shower
4 12lt 72 x 39 x 25 9.2 2.29 Bath, shower and basin (Cottage)
5 16lt 85.2 x 43.6 x 26.3 14.3 3.02 Household or small dormitory
6 20lt 88 x 50.3 x 26.7 16.2 3.77 Large Dormitories or Large household

Who should install a Gas Water Geyser?

Only a qualified and certified LPG Gas installation technician can install a Gas Water Geyser!

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