Gas Water Geyser

Technical Info

Key Features Atlas:

Instant Hot Water

Never run out of hot water even if there is load sheddings

No Pilot Flame

Save more on gas with only two torch batteries

Easy Installation

Plumbing is easy and there is a lot of Qualified and Certified installers

Fire Adjuster

Use less or more gas depending on the need

Temperature Adjuster

Control the temperature by controlling the water flow. Slower flow, warmer water

Winter/Summer Adjuster

Winter Setting: All burners burn
Summer Setting: Half burners burn

Low Water Pressure

Low pressure is needed to start Gas Water Geyser

Stainless Steel/White

Available in Stainless steel and White

Facts List

ID Flow Lt/min Size Weight Gas Kg/hr Use
1 6lt 57 x 32.5 x 20.5 4.7 1.10 Basin or shower (1 unit at a time) or Domestic Quarters
2 8lt 66 x 39 x 25 7.3 1.49 Basin and shower (Both units at a time)
3 10lt 70.5 x 39 x 25 8.9 1.93 2 basin's and shower
4 12lt 72 x 39 x 25 9.2 2.29 Bath, shower and basin (Cottage)
5 16lt 85.2 x 43.6 x 26.3 14.3 3.02 Household or small dormitory
6 20lt 88 x 50.3 x 26.7 16.2 3.77 Large Dormitories or Large household

Quick Note:

These Gas water Geysers carry a one year warranty on condition they have been fitted by a registered LPG Gas technician.